59th BBKA ADM – Your input requested!

The Annual Delegate Meeting is held in January each year. Each Area Association Member (AAM) is invited to send a delegate to receive a report from the Executive Committee for the previous financial year, to elect Trustees, Members of the Exam Board and to vote on propositions setting the policy of the BBKA.


Peter Chaunt is the OBKA rep at the 2019 ADM on 12 January 2019.   If any member of our Association has a burning issue they would like discussed at the above event, would they please send him a draft proposition (max 250 words) by Friday 28th September. This can then be discussed at our OBKA Committee meeting on 1st October, and if supported will be put forward to the BBKA by the 19th October deadline. If a proposal involves a financial outlay, an estimate of the cost must be included in the proposal.

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