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OBKA Newsletter

Our Members receive the monthly newsletter OBKA News as a benefit of their subscription. The Newsletter contains a very useful mix of articles of interest to all beekeepers in Oxfordshire, such as the availability of apiary sites, second-hand equipment and colonies for sale, and articles about OBKA's various activities and events.


OBKA News Samples

To get a flavour of the newsletter, read some examples:


January 2014 edition: View in new window

March 2014 edition: View in new window

June 2014 edition: View in new window

Members receive support on bee health concerns

Our Members benefit by the support of

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OBKA Membership Pricing and Application Form

How to Pay

Please download, print and complete the Oxfordshire Beekeepers Association Membership Form 2017 to renew your membership or to take out a new membership. Payment is by Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer.
Contact Phil Sharman, Chairman, for electronic payment enquiries (Tel. 01869 340626 or email with contact form).
Please make cheques payable to: Oxfordshire Beekeepers’ Association (OBKA) and mail with completed Membership Form to Phil Sharman:
124 North Street,
Middle Barton, Chipping Norton,


£7/per year
If already paying full membership to another Association.
Same benefits as Full Members

£19/per year
For a partner living at the same address of a Full Member.

Same benefits as Full Members



Having problems downloading the application form? Contact us!

Download a free PDF reader:

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Other Options

  • Make a donation to OBKA and
  • Bee Disease Insurance (BDI). Cost of cover for additional colonies:

Total Colonies

  4 — 5  

  6 — 10 

  11 — 15 

  16 — 20 

  21 — 25 

26 — 39

Additional Cost






 50p per colony




Subscription Rates:

The subscription rate for the Oxfordshire Beekeepers Association is reviewed annually. New subscriptions paid after the end of September covers membership until the end of December of the following year, and will be at the following year's rate. Note that the OBKA Constitution provides that members, who have not renewed their subscriptions by 25th February will be deemed to have relinquished membership by default, and will therefore not be protected by the insurance cover enjoyed by members.


Charity Status:

The Oxfordshire Beekeepers Association was registered as a Charity No. 100584 on 14th November 1991. This means that the Association can reclaim income tax at the basic rate from the Inland Revenue on most members' subscriptions. The membership application and renewal forms include gift aid declarations to enable tax recovery where possible.

Your Subscription Includes Insurance

Our Members benefit by indirect membership of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA), and have automatic cover from the insurance policies arranged by BBKA.

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The annual subscription includes cover under the Bee Diseases Insurance (BDI) Scheme A against loss from foul brood disease under the Bee Diseases Control Order 1982 to three hives; additional hives must be covered for a small extra premium.


Beekeepers with 40 or more colonies have to insure under a separate scheme (BDI Scheme B), and should contact Sharon Blake (BDI) on 01460 242124.


The insurance covers:


  • Public Liability: cover is up to a limit of £5 million for any one incident against action arising from members' beekeeping activities. There is an excess of £500 for any claims that relate to property.
  • Product Liability: members are covered to a limit of £5 million in any one year and any one incident. This covers claims arising from the provision of beekeeping products.
  • All Risks Insurance: for a modest additional premium members may also participate in a preferential arrangement made between the BBKA and NFU Mutual that provides an all-risks insurance for beekeeping property. Rates vary between 1% and 2% depending on the situation and the items. The individual member must negotiate details of the policy with NFU Mutual. Phone 0845 704 5031.


See What We Have To Offer

By joining OBKA, you will benefit from being a part of the Oxfordshire beekeeping community with a wealth of knowledge and experience on tap. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional beekeeper, a membership of OBKA offer a range of practical advice and services. If you have any questions about membership, please contact our Membership Secretary Phil Sharman using this form.

Join OBKA Today


OBKA runs annual taster session, and practical Beginners' Courses at two teachning apiaries. In addition, we carry out the BBKA Basic Assessment.

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OBKA members as indirect members of the BBKA have automatic cover from the insurance policies arranged by the BBKA.

Social Networks

As an OBKA Member you can join us for a full programme of events and meetings. It's a fun and sociable way to pick up tips from other members and to progress your learning.

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The Association has a manual honey extractor and a steam wax extractor, which are available to members. OBKA also provides assistance in the purchase or disposal of unwanted stocks, swarms and secondhand equipment.

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A monthly Newsletter is also published, and members have access to an expanding Library of books, videos and posters. In addition, an annual programme card provides details of all lectures, demonstrations, meetings and other events.

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