Help a business with their apiary?

An organisation based in Didcot wants to keep bees on their property and has asked OBKA if there is anyone who might be able to help them. For more information contact the OBKA Chair, Phil Sharman.

BBC Book of the Week – Buzz – all about bees!

This week the BBC’s Book of the Week is BUZZ: THE NATURE AND NECESSITY OF BEES by Dr Thor Hanson. The first episode was today and was fascinating, about how bees came about (from wasps, he speculates).


The BBC’s web page for Buzz is 


And more details of the book can be found on Dr Hanson’s website


Honey Bee Farm visit postponed

In case you have not seen the Events (calendar) entry the visit to Viktor and Lucy’s honey bee farm planned for 19th May has been postponed. Please keep an eye on the website for the revised date.

Education Questionnaire – please return by 29 April

Members of the OBKA would have received an Education Questionnaire with the April Newsletter (it was a separate document).

Mark Blanchette would like to remind members that he would like the completed questionnaires returned by 29th April (extended by 1 week fro the original date); his email and postal addresses are on the (original) questionnaire.


Copies of the questionnaire are below:


OBKA – Education Questionnaire 2018 Rev1.docx


OBKA – Education Questionnaire 2018 Rev1.pdf

Woodstock Apiary Spring Clean

Members are reminded that the Apiary Spring Clean is Saturday 28th April – see the Events page for more details!

What’s the Buzz

There is an interesting article in The Economist (March 28th Edition) about a new app that ‘listens’ to the sound of a hive and can diagnose various issues including the presence of hive beetle, a serious honeybee pest, parasitic mites and “foulbrood”, a bacterial infection which can destroy bee colonies.


A very interesting read if you get the time.


This follows on the heels of another app, BeeScanning, where you can take a photo of your bees, submit the picture to their website where they use an AI engine to scan for and identify Varroa mite levels.

Annual AGM – Volunteers needed!

Last night’s AGM had some 22 members and 4 Trustees / Management Committee members in attendance.

In his Chairman’s Report Phil Sharman asked for volunteers to help with the running of the OBKA. If anyone is interested please contact the Chairman via the form on this page.



Don’t forget the OBKA AGM is tomorrow, Wed 28th March. For full details see the Events section of the website.

Welcome to the OBKA Blog

This section will contain OBKA members’ thoughts and comments on beekeeping and related topics.