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Identify your swarm

Use our guide to check whether you are seeing a swarm of honey bees. For all other types of other bees and other insects - call your local council.

About Our Service

Our Swarm Liaision Officers coordinate swarm collection through Oxfordshire. Read our swarm FAQs below for more information.

Call for Help

Ready to take action? Contact us now to get help removing your honey bee swarm.

Find contact details here.


Do You Need Help With a Swarm? Our Most Frequently Asked Questions Below

OBKA offers a honey bee swarm collection service. This service is managed on a wholly voluntary basis by the OBKA Swarms Liaison Officers and local beekeepers. Please read this section carefully and try and identify whether they are honey bees before contacting us.

I have a Honey Bee Swarm and Need Help

Swarm Questions

- What do I do if I have a swarm of bees? A swarm of bees can appear very alarming, however if you exercise a little caution they are normally of no danger to humans or animals. - Can someone come and collect the swarm? Yes, on most occasions a swarm of honey bees can be collected by a beekeeper who wants to increase their stock of bees. The exception to this is when:
  • there is no beekeeper available to collect the swarm
  • the bees you have are not honey bees - see how to identify honey bees
  • the honey bees have settled in an inaccessible place, for example if they are deep inside a chimney - we can advise about this
Please note that no guarantee can be given that someone will be available to attend or that the beekeeper will collect the swarm. The final decision as to whether a swarm is safe or viable to collect lies solely with the attending beekeeper. We only collect honeybees and under no circumstances will we destroy honeybees or any other types of bee/insect.
- How do I get a beekeeper to collect my swarm? OBKA is a charitable organisation and offers a non-profit service that links members of the public - with a swarm of honey bees; to a beekeeper, who want to increase their stocks of bees. Contact a Swarms Liaision Officer.
- Is there a charge for the collection of my swarm? If a beekeeper is available to collect your swarm no charge is made for collection. We do however encourage a charitable donation to go towards the costs of the call-out and our time.

- What can I do if the bees/insects I have cannot be collected  and they need to be removed? If the bees/insects you have cannot be collected by a local beekeeper, you can contact the Environmental Health Department of your local district council. Below are links to the appropriate departments of the five Oxfordshire district councils. While none of the councils consider bees (whether honey or not) as pests, they do provide control services (though this varies between councils), should your 'visitors' turn out to be pests.

Cherwell District Council - Pest Control
Oxford City Council - Pest Control
South Oxfordshire District Council - Pest Control
Vale of White Horse District Council - Pest Control
West Oxfordshire District Council - Pest Control


Still need help? Check out our forum and tutorials section of our site