Do you have any honey for sale?

Ian Gorlay ( has contacted to Association to ask if anyone has 30lbĀ  tubs of honey to sell. He tells us:


‘Not a good year for me? Lost 2/3rds of my stocks and all of Bridewell’s by late spring!


However, regained numbers by mid summer thru mostly swarms entering empty hives! Including one at Bridewell on our first open day in May (numerous visitors informing me of a swarm going down thru’ the vinyard to empty hives)!


Never the less virtually no honey (except the one at Bridewell)! I conclude a combination of new colonies and everything drying up in such a hot summer?


I just wondered if (anyone at the Association ) might have some honey for sale in 30lb tubs, say three or four.’


If you can help Ian please contact him directly using his email address, above.

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