Fantastic turnout for ‘Swarms’ talk Fri 29th Nov

Last night almost 50 OBKA members, partners and friends gathered in Radley Village Hall to hear Ged Marshall talk about his methods of swarm control. It was very interesting and lots of people were taking notes. I definitely was as my 2 hives in my back garden managed to swarm 3 times between them this summer!


There were some good questions at the end including one person who, quite sensibly, asked if varroa treatmetns would be more effective if every beekeeper applied the same treatment at about the same time. Ged agreed that this would be the ideal but also, to paraphrase, mentioned herding cats.


Ged Marshall taking questions at the end of his talk to OBKA.

Ged taking questions at the end of his talk on Swarm Control to OBKA.


Richard Stansfield, OBKA Secretary and Librarian, had also brought along a small selection of books from the library. The library has over 200 books in it and members can find details of all the books on the OBKA Library page in the Members area. As it was a number of books were signed out last night.




Urban Beekeeper

Urban Beekeeper

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