OBKA Help for New Beekeepers

A Message from our Training Manager:



I would like to wish all our members a happy and successful New Year in their beekeeping endeavours, especially the new members starting the beginners course this year and members who completed the course in 2019.


In 2019 the OBKA Basic Beekeeping course, which runs throughout the summer at the Woodstock apiary, was attended by 48 trainees. Many of our trainees now have acquired their first colonies or are planning to get bees in spring 2020. Most beekeepers can remember the excitement they felt when they took charge of their first colony and produced their first honey crop. However, we tend to forget the trials and tribulations of those first couple of years when we discover that the bees have failed to read the latest beekeeping books! It is then that you realise the benefits of belonging to a beekeeping association where
there are many others members who may be able to offer you advice to get you through the first couple of years.


So, if you are having problems with your first colony or are unsure whether to take the plunge and acquire bees, we are very happy to offer advice and encouragement to ensure you start in the right direction.


For details on how to ask for advice see the Member’s Area.

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