BBKA Basic Exam passes 2019

The BBKA Basic Assessment is a practical examination that covers basic beekeeping skills, including inspection of a colony, and a short oral examination covering a range of topics, including swarm control and basis disease identification and control. Congratulations to the following members who successful completed this assessment in 2019 (NB. All four passed with Credit):


Julia Colston, James Anthony Downs, Christine Melia and Tracye Jane Sharp.


We also offer congratulations to our Webmaster, Gary Thomas, who passed the Basic Assessment with Credit through his membership with Warwickshire BKA.


The assessment takes place in July or August and we normally offer one session of training before the assessment to familarise you with the process. If you are interested in doing the Basic Assessment in 2020, please contact Carl Goodman,


We encourage all our members to attempt this assessment. The only requirement is that you have kept bees for one year. Further information can be found on the BBKA Qualifications section of this website.

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