OBKA (Virtual) Honey Show 2020 – Entry form and details

Honey Show 2020


Please find below the entry form for our Honey Show. Entries must be submitted by 1 November with judging on 8 November.


Our President, George McGavin (who many of you will know from various BBC nature programmes, including one where he allows himself to be covered by swarming honey bees) will present the cups via Zoom.


We hope to recruit a few more people to assist with collection of entries, details to follow.


For drop-off of entries, please respect the following COVID-secure guidelines:


  • Wipe all jars / bottles with a disinfectant wipe and then place in a clean cardboard box along with the entry form. The box should be left open, so we can see the entries. (Do not wipe the wax products or the photos to avoid damaging them.)
  • If leaving at Peter Hawkin’s house, place the box in the front porch, having cleaned your hands with alcohol hand sanitizer before touching the door/door handle. Please do not ‘stop for a chat’!
  • Similar arrangements for dropping off at other people’s house.
  • If dropping off at Woodstock apiary on 1 November, please park in the car park, leave your box in the place as directed by Peter and then leave. We need to avoid more than six people being present at any time.


When we return entries, we will follow similar arrangements in reverse at a date to be arranged.


Peter will contact members in possession of an OBKA cup to arrange for its safe return. Under no circumstances leave a cup unattended at Peter’s house.


If you have any questions, please send an email to:








Honey Show Entry Form – 2020.pdf


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