Why get training to become a beekeeper?

There is no requirement to get any training before keeping bees in the UK.


However we at the Oxfordshire BeeKeepers Association strongly recommend that if you are thinking of keeping bees you do get some training so you understand the costs and time commitments before you get the equipment and the bees.


A Top Bar Hive
Top Bar Hive – courtesy of North Hearts BKA

We had a contact recently from someone in Oxford. They had bought a top-bar hive. And then got a nuc of bees on National frames.


Except National frames won’t fit a top bar hive.


We were able to help. But the person hasn’t attended a training course. And probably has not read up that much about keeping bees.


We really, really, recommend you get some training before considering keeping bees.


And of course once you have got some training, and got your bees, you won’t regret it!

Urban Beekeeper

Urban Beekeeper

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