OBKA Annual Honey Show 2019

This year saw more entrants that the 2018 show, with 10 exhibitors showing a total of 53 exhibits. It’ good to see more members entering but, with some 230 members in OBKA (and 50 new members a year from the Beginners Course) let’s hope we can do even better for entries in 2020.


Thanks go to Peter Hawkins for organising the Annual Honey Show and for doing the judging. The full results are below the photo album.


And of course we mustn’t forget the people who helped set up the hall and supplied teas and coffees when setting out was taking place.


If you hover over any of the photos below some more information will appear and click on any picture to see a larger image and then scroll through all the images.



OBKA Honey Show 2019 – Full results


1A matching pair of 454g/1lb jars of clear extracted honey – LightPaul Jovanovic
2A matching pair of 454g/1lb jars of clear extracted honey – MediumHeather Horner
3A matching pair of 454g/1lb jars of clear extracted honey – Darno entry
4A matching pair of 454g/1lb jars of naturally granulated honeyRichard Stansfield
5A matching pair of 454g/1lb jars of creamed or seeded honeyRichard Stansfield
6One 454g/1lb jar of honey of any type (judged on aroma and taste aloneAdam Townsend
7Gift class – One 454g/1lb jar of clear honeyRichard Stansfield
8Gift class – One 454g/1lb jar of set honeyRichard Stansfield
9One section of honey (square or round)Paul Jovanovic
10One container of cut combno entry
11A frame of honey ready for extractionPaul Jovanovic
12One 454g/1lb jar of clear extracted honey of any colour by a noviceAndrew Brough
13One 454g/1lb jar of naturally granulated honey of any colour by a noviceno entry
14One cake of moulded beeswax of approximately 225g/8ozAdam Townsend
15Five blocks of beeswax of approximately 28g/1oz eachAdam Townsend
16Two wax candles – mouldedPaul Jovanovic
17Two wax candles – any method other than mouldedPaul Jovanovic
18Wax polish suitable for sale (any size)Paul Jovanovic
19Crafted wax productPaul Jovanovic
20One bottle of mead – sweetPaul Jovanovic
21One bottle of mead – dryPaul Jovanovic
22Honey fruit cakeAdam Townsend
23Honey lemon drizzle cakeHeather Horner
24Six Honey biscuitsRob Walton
25Six Honey shortbread fingersAdam Townsend
26Two colour photographsPaul Jovanovic


The trophies were awarded to:






SIMS BOWL – Culinary products – ADAM TOWNSEND


SANDFORD CUP – Honeycomb, mead and photography – PAUL JOVANOVIC