OBKA Annual Honey Show 2021

Last year’s Annual Honey Show was of course run somewhat differently with all the entries being dropped off at Peter Hawkins’ house for him to judge them.

It was therefore good for us to all get back together, see, feel, smell the entries and generally catch up with one another.

The OBKA Committee made a number of changes to the format this year:

  • The Honey Show judge, Claire O’Brien, was to talk us through how she judged the first two classes (jars of honey)
  • Whilst the rest of the judging was taking place there was a Q&A session with four of our more experienced members including our longest serving member who has been a member of OBKA for over 50 years
  • Along with the presentation of cups at the end of the show certificates were also presented for those who passed their Basic Exam and BBKA Module exams.

Our pictures from the show, below, follow that sequence:

Laying out entries before judging

(right-click on any image to see the full image)

Then the judging started, with Clare providing feedback

Whilst the judging was taking place we had a Q&A session

Our experts were Terry Thomas, OBKA’s longest serving member, Heather Horner, Andrew Brough (who ran a very successful Queen rearing course earlier this year) and Andy Pedley, OBKA Training Apiary Manager.

As you can imagine, with 4 beekeepers on the panel for any question there was at least 5 answers……

The awarding of cups at the end of judging

The cups were handed out by Oxford University entomologist and researcher, Darragh Ennis

And lastly, but by no means least, we had the presentation of Basic and Module Certificates

Presented by Terry Thomas.

Those who achieve the BBKA Basic Award were:

Jane Hedges
Nick Hedges
Yvonne Parks
Martyn Butt
David Richardson (who sat his exam with Shipston Beekeepers but is a full member of OBKA, hence they award the certificate)

Module 1
David Edwards
Marriet Pringle

Module 2
David Edwards

The OBKA Honey Show 2021 results:

CupAwarded toWinner
SandfordAwarded to the exhibitor gaining the most points in Classes 9,10,11,20,12,26a, 26b and 26cHeather Horner
GoodbanAwarded to the exhibitor gaining the most points in Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8Andrew Brough
PatersonAwarded to the exhibitor gaining the most points in Classes 12 and 13David Richardson
CampbellAwarded to the beekeeper under the age of 30 gaining the most pointsDavid Richardson
JamesAwarded to the exhibitor gaining the most points in Classes 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19David Edwards
Sims Bowl Awarded to the exhibitor gaining the most points in Classes 22, 23, 24 and 25Heather Horner