OBKA Honey Show 2020

Well done to all those who took part in this year`s honey show. The standards were very high, especially in the honey classes, and difficult to judge. There were 9 participants and a total of 35 entries. We were delighted to see at the end that we have several new names on the cups this year.


Because of the current restrictions on meetings it was decided to host the honey show with a difference;  we dropped all the food classes and adapt the judging to my back garden - hence the cramped table with all the honey entries on it for the photos!


Peter Hawkins

OBKA Honey Show 2020 entries

OBKA Honey Show 2020 - Glorious honey!

Honey Show 2020 Photo Competition entries

Below are entries into the photography sections of the Annual Honey Show, entries by Richard Stansfield and Adam Townsend


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