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Apiary Clean Up days 11/12 Sept – Volunteers needed

Apiary Clean-up and Maintenance Days Friday 11th September, 4-6pm, and Saturday 12th September 10-12am


We had a successful first apiary day last week but there are still a number of clean-up and maintenance jobs that need doing while the weather is still fine. We are looking for volunteers for the following tasks (you need to bring your own tools):



  • Preparation of shed before painting. If you have a powered sander and / or coarse sandpaper please bring it along.
  • Ground work to paving slabs – bring shovel
  • Heavy gardening / clearance – bring cutters / loppers etc.
  • Rubbish collection (heavy duty work gloves)
  • You will need a bee suit to work in the apiary.


If you can help, please contact Sandra Simpson

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OBKA Beekeeper training under Covid-19 restrictions


We are pleased to announce that we have been able to carry out some training for new beekeepers at our Training Apiary at Marlborough School.


In line with Covid-19 guidance we are limiting the number of people at the Training Apiary to 6 people – 4 students and 2 tutors. We also require students and tutors to wear facemasks when working closely around a hive.


For further information please contact

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European Foulbrood incidents in West Oxfordshire

We have become aware of a number of incidents of European foulbrood in West Oxfordshire, centred on Burford. The latest information from BeeBase may be found here:

We suggest you pay particular attention to monitoring for EFB at your next inspection and review your hygiene protocols to ensure you don’t make the problem worse.

If you have any concerns about the health of one of you colonies please contact our seasonal bee inspector, Mark Lynch.

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