Can someone come and collect a swarm?

First to re-iterate, swarm collectors only collect swarms of honey bees.


  • Yes, on most occasions a swarm of honey bees can be collected by a beekeeper who wants to increase their stock of bees. The exception to this is when:
    • there is no beekeeper available to collect the swarm
    • the bees you have are not honey bees – see how to identify honey bees
    • the honey bees have settled in an inaccessible place, for example if they are deep inside a chimney – we can advise about this


Please note that no guarantee can be given that someone will be available to attend or that the beekeeper will collect the swarm. The final decision as to whether a swarm is safe or viable to collect lies solely with the attending beekeeper. We only collect honey bees and under no circumstances will we destroy honey bees or any other types of bee/insect.



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