Can you put me in touch with other beekeepers in my area?

Unfortunately we cannot do this at the moment as we have not (yet) asked members if we can share their personal information (i.e. their name and addresses) with other members. We are looking into how we can seek members permission to share this information but we need to reassure ourselves that we can manage this given that people may change their minds during the year and we would need a robust process to keep members wishes regarding sharing their personal data up to date.


But what we can do for you is to put an advert on this website (in the members area) and in the newsletter saying that you are interested in making contact with other beekeepers in your area. Please email the Secretary at including, of course your location (town/area; we won’t put your full address in unless you give us permission to) and how people could contact you.


An alternative way to contact other members is via the OBKA Facebook closed group.

Urban Beekeeper

Urban Beekeeper

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