I am downsizing my beekeeping and want to dispose of unwanted hives, bees, equipment etc.

Assuming that this is a non-commercial transaction we can place an advert on your behalf in our monthly Newsletter and on our website. As a registered charity, we are unwilling assist in selling bees, including nucs, swarms and queens, as part of a commercial venture.


Please contact secretary@obka.org.uk with further details of what you want to dispose of and any conditions attached, especially if you are expecting to be paid.


  • Many people are willing to donate beekeeping equipment while others expect some payment in return. Please state clearly which applies and, if appropriate, the price.
  • For clothing please state the item name, size (S, M, L, XL etc. ) and condition.
  • For equipment pelase give as precise a specification a you can (e.g. 8 frame radial extractor in stainless steel, motor powered); condition, make and age.
  • If selling bee hives state the hive type, component name (e.g. super, brood chamber) and condition.



Finally please provide to the Secretary your full contact details, including location of equipment for sale.

Urban Beekeeper

Urban Beekeeper

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