I have bees in a wall in my house that seem to be in the mortar.

There are several UK bee species that burrow into walls, such as the red mason bee (Osmia bicornis). These bees are excellent pollinators for many crops and are under threat from habitat loss, inappropriate insecticide use and changes to climate. Generally, they will not sting unless severely provoked and they don’t burrow deeply.


Beekeepers look after a different species, the honey bee (Apis melliferia) and are unable to help people affected by other bee species, wasps or hornets. As a bee charity, we have a policy of not harming any type of bee where practicable.


There are several helpful web articles on mason bees which should help you understand their benefits, life cycle and threat to both your property and to people. At the end of summer, the bee raises new queens and the bees will stop using their current nest site. The new queens hibernate to start a new colony next spring.


Relocation is not a practical option. If you still wish to destroy them, we suggest contacting a pest control company.