I’m a teacher and would like a beekeeper to come to talk to the students about beekeeping

We do have a number of members who are prepared to give talks to schools. However their availability and the age groups they are prepared to talk to are very much up to them.


If you give us some details (see below) we will contact our members to see if anyone is prepared to give the talk you are requesting and if they are, we will ask the member to contact you directly. We cannot of course guarantee that anyone will respond to your request.


You can either use the Contact Us form or email the OBKA secretary directly at secretary@obka.org.uk.


Please include the following details with your request:




  • Age of children / school year / number in group / interest of group

  • Address / name of school / group etc.

  • Your name and contact details

  • Proposed dates and times.

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