We have a nest of bees under our garden shed. Can you move them for me?

With high certainty, bees nesting under a shed or on the ground will be a type of bumble bee and not a honey bee. Beekeepers are only able to assist with the removal of honey bees. If you have any doubts on identification, please examine the swarm page on the BBKA website:


Swarm removal | British Beekeepers Association


If the bees are not causing a problem, I would suggest leaving them alone as they are valuable pollinators. Bumble bees occupy a nest for one summer and then die, leaving a few queens that hibernate to start a new nest next spring. By the end of the year they will have gone. Generally, bumble bees will not sting unless they are provoked, for example by trying to remove or destroy the nest.

If you feel that they must be removed you will have to contact a pest control company. They will destroy them rather than attempt to relocate them.