We have bees in a bird box. Can they be removed as they are causing a nuisance?

With high certainty, bees in a bird box will be a type of bumblebee, rather than a honey bee (the bees kept by beekeepers that make honey). Beekeepers can only help with the removal of honey bees. A bird box is too small for a honey bee colony and is very unlikely to have been selected by honey bees as a nest site as the space is just too small for a honey bee colony.


To determine if the bees if the bees are honey bees there is identification information on the British Beekeepers Association website at


Swarm removal | British Beekeepers Association


What can be done about them?


That depends on whether they are a nuisance. If people are getting stung, you may need to consider removal. OBKA may be able to help remove honey bees but not bumble bees. However, if the bees are not causing a problem, we advise leaving them alone as they are valuable pollinators. Bumble bees occupy a nest for one summer and then die. By the end of the year they will have gone.

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